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Have you heard anything before about working with internal wallets on different websites for internal use? Pure idea here! Read this article to clarify this issue.

After creating your account, you will have a built-in wallet on this platform. Your internal wallet is not a crypto wallet or similar! Rather, it is provided to you as a feature for internal use and to benefit from the benefits of the platform.

Cash Back

Every payment on this platform to purchase a subscription or enjoy other benefits has a certain percentage of money returned to your wallet. The amount of the percentage of this return is included in the section defined for you in the financial plan. You can use this refund amount in different conditions that are defined for user accounts and wallet usage.


You can transfer any amount of your wallet balance to any person who uses the platform so that they can make decisions about their internal credits at their own discretion. This transfer is instantaneous and irreversible.

Cash Withdrawal

When the amount of your wallet reaches 100 Tether, you can register a direct withdrawal request on the platform. After confirming this, support will transfer the amount to the wallet you defined on the platform.


The most important function of your wallet on this platform is to use it in subsequent payments including subscription renewal. In this way, you can pay the difference and renew your subscription. After using the amount in the payment, its amount will be deducted from your wallet. Using the wallet balance is optional and you are not required to use it in your next payments. Also, the minimum amount is not defined for this issue and you can use your wallet with any amount at any time.