Trade Assistant Privacy and Disciplines

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When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose

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The Platform And Its Limitations

Each platform can request the necessary permissions from the parent in its execution platform. This platform is only available through web browsers. Therefore, the permissions and accesses that a browser provides to a web service are determined by obtaining permission from the user. It should be kept in mind that these licenses are usually for use in connection with the browser.

We do not receive specific information from our users except for their payment and subscription history, as well as general information for assigning an account to a subscription. For this reason, other uses are not available to use the user’s personal data. With this, both our users are fully confident in using the platform and the security of private information is maintained.

Connections As Options – Permissions

Subscription plans that have the possibility of connecting to an API outside of this service – such as connecting to an exchange or broker – are connected to the target platform using the standard method and request permission. In this way, you can decide about the access of these connections to your user account. Of course, no access will be sent to any external platform except for registering a buy or sell order to use the analysis obtained on the platform, and we will not receive a license. It should be noted that all facilities similar to the one mentioned above must be activated first before sending to the target server and no access is possible automatically and it is not requested from the service side either.